TopSpa XS has filtration as standard and thermostatically controlled heating (3 kW). Also included is a bubble system, insulated cover. Inside the insulated special steps is also located the filters, pumps and electric heaters.

In tests carried out during the winter months, electricity consumption for maintenance heating and filtration around 6 kWh per day at a water temperature of 37°C. The design have no problems withstanding cold down to -30°C.

Detailed instructions makes the installation of the filtration unit and heater easy. NOTE! Everything else apart from the insulated box, the filtration unit with heater comes completely assembled. Bottom Insulation: isolated discs 50 mm hard insulation. Note! LED lights are accessories.

SpaDealers utilize the following plastic materials: Polyethylene or acrylic.

In general it can be said about all plastics, that it is the material thickness and the design that determines the stability. Thinner materials provide savings in manufacturing costs, but is negative for the durability of the product.

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