Erik från TROMSØ, Norge - BADEFASS BASIC 150


Retrieved goods on Friday - all OK. Well packaged and labeled! Visited the customs at Kilpis and pay Norwegian VAT. I send you stamped customs form today (In fact, no customs duties on hot tubs to Norway ...)

The hot tub was very good - high quality overall. The gas heater worked perfectly.

Assembly on Saturday - first bath on Sunday ... Very popular! This was the present for my wife's 40th birthday - she was very happy! Tub is very beautiful - and has received several positive comments already .. Have several friends who have 2-meter barrels with wood-burning - which takes 6-7 hours to heat up and uses a lot of water (3000 liters).

Thank you for a pleasant and hassle-commerce .. Send invoice as soon as possible!

Best regards, Erik





The offer came really quickly and was very detailed and factual. All further contact was handled via e-mail and my questions where answered quickly and objectively. On Wednesday I approved the purchase and the pallet is in Mariehamn on Friday, two days later. The postal service in Åland was not able to deliver on the same day but I was able to sign for the pallet in Sviby terminal. In my case, this worked excellently because the all the packages fitted easily into the back of a Ford Focus station wagon.

I recommend everyone to look through the excellently made ​​DVD before installation. It contains details and and gives a better impression of the big picture, which complements well the printed assembly instructions. The assembly went smoothly in one day. Including oiling of the tub, steps and cover.

After three separate bathing trips, I can describe the experience as really relaxing. A great addition to the usual sauna. We look forward to the colder seasons when the hot tub really comes into its own.



David från VÖRÅ, FINLAND - HT150 BASIC - WOOD 2

With aim towards London 2012

Lately I have noticed that recovery between training and competition is very important. To obtain the optimal recovery I have decided to combine heat and cold.

The hot tub from SpaDealers has become one of the tools I use to achieve better results.

In summer I use the hot tub almost daily after training and competition, there is no better recovery for the body than to take a cooling bath in the tub.

In winter, there's nothing better than a warm bath after a hard week of training. Then the hot tub works as a heat source during the recovery process, the Finnish winter handles the cooling ;)

David Soderberg (hammer thrower)
Vora, Finland




Susanne från SÖSDALA, Sweden - HT150 BASIC - WOOD 2

I found SpaDealers when I searched for hot tub on Google. I emailed and got a quick reply. Good info and quick responses to questions. Delivery date, we agreed on and it worked great.

The assembly was relatively easy. Just follow the instructions. They were easy to follow step by step and everything was easy. We were two people assembling, no previous experience, it took us six hours to assemble the tub.

My friends and I love the hot tub which provides peace and new energy. I have bathed before so I know that autumn and winter is the time when it is best to bathe. Since we have a wonderful view from the tub, we get that little extra from our bath! I know that it will give me much pleasure for years to come. I'm really glad it was just your hot tub we chose.




Claes från UPPSALA, Sweden - HT150 BASIC - WOOD 3

We have had our hot tub for almost half a year and we have enjoyed it many times so far and more is to come. The whole family is very happy with it and we're all impressed by the high quality of both the hot tub and stove, but the bubble system is the icing on the cake.

The assembly was as easy as assembling furniture from IKEA, so can you that, then you can also assemble a hot tub from SpaDealers. We got our hot tub assembled in four hours and the first bath occured the same evening. We strongly recommend others to get a hot tub like this so they can know a little luxury in their everyday lives. Enjoy!

Greetings from the family Hammar of Uppsala.




Stig magnus från KVALØYSLETTA, Norge - HT150 BASIC - WOOD 4

After looking for a long time on the net for a hot tub, my friend Erik found SpaDealers products. We immediately agreed that this looked good and serious enough. The web page was very good and the quality of the product looked very good. I was looking for a hot tub "that works" and today, I can surely say that I have got that.

The most impressive and important thing is the quality. I must say I had great expectations that this would be a good product and I am not at all disappointed. A top product, when it comes to quality! In addition, very easy assembly and I cannot avoid admiring how exactly the different parts fit together. The heat treated material also seems to be a very good product itself.