Michael från SÖRBERGE, Sweden - SAUNAFASS Ø180 CM


The kit was well packaged from and the DVD movie was helpful and very detailed. The assembly was very easy to assemble, two people will do it in one day.

I think the quality of the product is good and thought through, if something could be criticized it would be the amount of screws and spikes in the bag, there was probably too many or too little of them.

The reason we purchased the sauna is that this is a great addition to the hot tub that we have next to the sauna. I can recommend this product to anyone who wants something extra on his land in winter or summer

Regards / Michael




Hilkka från HAMINA, Finland - SAUNAFASS Ø180 CM, HOLZOFEN

I ordered on the basis of quotation / phone. The service was commendable in the quote request and ordering stage. I got answers to all my questions. The delivery arrived within the agreed upon time.

Installation of the sauna:
I did the groundwork for the sauna, and made a base from cement slabs. We started the assembly with the base and ceiling, then installed drainage. Putting the ceiling on was the trickiest stage of assembly. This turned out fine after some sweating. The rest of the installation went well. Then we put the straps in place and assembled the trusses. Then the stove and water tank where put in place. Put the shingles in place, then the windows. Finally, we mounted the seats in place. Then we went to buy stones for the oven and warming of the sauna could begin.

Sauna materials / quality was good quality. One must be very careful that you do not damage anything, because if you handle the material a little too rough or hit a little too hard with a rubber hammer on the rods so the rods can crack at urfräsningen.

The assembly probably took longer than we thought it would, the instructions where probably clear and good, but you really have to think about what you do and make sure you everything correctly.

The sauna warms rapidly. The bath was nice. It was wonderful to see from the window on the sunset of point-light belysning. A really good sauna for a small company.

Hilkka Peltola





We came across SpaDealers products on the internet and found what we have been looking for - a small, easy to place a sauna that is also really beautiful. Our new sauna has attracted many glances and encouraging comments during the summer - "Hattstugan" or Moomin sauna as the neighbors call it. We placed it on a platform at the foot of our pier where it really looks like a piece of jewelry. It could also had simply been placed directly on the bridge if you wanted to avoid the construction of the platform.

In view of the easy availability and the rapid warming, the sauna been running almost every day throughout the summer - something that has exceeded all our expectations. Children and adults - everyone wants to swim! We have been up to 10 people who have swum at the same time, despite the sauna housing 5 people it has worked well.

Contact with SpaDealers went extremely well and could be had in Swedish. The payment was a simple transfer to a Swedish bank account and within a few weeks we had a delivery. The sauna was delivered in a package on a standard pallet and could easily be rolled directly from the truck over to the boat / barge that could carry the sauna over to the island.

Once on the island, the sauna was packed up and assembled in little over one day. The sauna comes complete except for stones for the heater. Quality of timber and workmanship we experienced as very good and the assembly itself went smoothly using the accompanying descriptions and installation DVD. The only difficulty we experienced was the straps around the barrel - how much dare you tighten them before they break... In the end we dared to tighten them the last bit and all the pieces came together!

In conclusion, you want a beautiful, fast and easy to place quality sauna then this is the right option!

Anders, Edholma (Vaxholm) , Stockholm Archipelago