Lena från ÖVERMALAX, Finland - HT150 PRESTIGE WOOD

The contact with SpaDealers was smooth. The person I had contact with also gave a credible impression. We were in touch by phone and e-mail. The delivery took place in the sense that we picked up the hot tub with a car and trailer in Korsnäs when we had an agreement.

We cast a 10 cm thick concrete slab on the ground with insulation underneath and outside a bit. As a foundation for the stove, we used stone slabs.

The assembly of the stove to the assembled hot tub went very well. We probably read through the instructions a few times before it was clear to us. No parts where missing.

The first time our family used the hot tub was this weekend. The water we poured in was about 18 degrees and it took two hours to heat to 30 degrees. Then the first bathers entered, but the ideal temperature is probably 35 degrees, any more and it becomes too hot. Everyone thought it was very nice and lovely. The hot tub was purchased to get a new experience at the summer cottage.